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Here are the useful links of Alex Token.

Some links will be updated following the launch of Alex Token

Alex's Official Website

Alex's Official Twitter

Alex's Official Telegram

Alex's Official Instagram

Alex's Official YouTube Page

Alex's Official Discord

Alex's Official Facebook

Alex Token Chart on Dextools

Alex Token on Etherscan

Buy Alex Token on Uniswap

Alex Chart on Dexview

Alex's Merchandise Shop

Alex Token NFT Collection in Opensea

Crypto Excahnge Referral Code. You can buy ETH here.
Both you and Alex will receive rewards when you sign up for the membership using links. / Code ME2LZ9 / Code 4ZFE4U7B / Code 1RhGj / 10% Rebate Code VHDMBMFV


"Alex came to us from Minecraft's Overworld

to make the world a better place"

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